Items that can be saved for use by others:

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Items that can be saved for use by others:

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:33 pm

What can you do with these items??????

Envelopes – small size, used for stamps, without windows or return address

Magazines – convalescent homes

Bonus cosmetic items (Estee Lauder, etc.) – China

Cancelled stamps – China (consider having your place of employment save for us)

Fabric – quilts for China

Thread – quilts for China

Yarn – lap robes for convalescent homes

Hotel shampoos, lotions, soaps, etc. – Modesto Gospel Mission

Grocery plastic and paper bags – Modesto Gospel Mission (delivered by Elly Fehlberg)

Vases – clear – used for shut in flowers, etc. NO NEED FOR MORE RIGHT NOW

Vases bud – clear, convalescent hospitals, and others

Note cards/greeting cards you receive in the mail – China and convalescent hospitals

Fronts of greeting cards – book marks for China made by Missions Circle

Calendars 2013 - China and convalescent hospitals

Pens, can have advertisements- classroom in China

Small beanie baby size animals – China

Small items, key chains, bookmarks, prizes for classroom (China)

Glasses – given to a local eye doctor

Good used summer/spring clothing all ages, no XL (Philippines), including VBS shirts

Burma Ministry needed items for jewelry-making as a sustainable living endeavor:

* 2012 or older dated calendars

* any old, broken or unwanted costume jewelry and buttons

* leftover or unused yarn


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